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Area51-ESG, Inc is an official franchised distributor that has more than 130 product franchises and factory direct relationships.
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Welcome to Area51-ESG! We are a federally certified disadvantaged minority (aliens) owned small business with out-of-this-world service and great products. As a broad-based electronic component distributor, Area51 offers a full line up of products which include connectorswire & cable, semiconductors, passives, relays, batteries, fans, power supplies, fuses, lighting products and so much more. When you need a wholesale electronic distributor that is flexible with decisions made quickly, Area51 can give you the service you have been looking for. We are a unique electronic parts supplier with access to virtually any product you require.

Area51 Authorized Electronics Distributor
Area51-ESG Corporate Headquarters, Irvine, CA

Let us show you why we are one of the fastest growing electronic components suppliers in the universe and “The Newest Franchised choice”.

For more information on any of our electronic parts and components, contact us today at 877-476-8751.

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