Area51 Electronics is a global distributor of electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components, hardware, and assemblies. We specialize in authorized manufacturer lines while carrying the advantage of being an independent distributor of hard-to-find obsolete (end-of-life) verified components.

We offer a large selection of authorized lines and can fulfill your supply chain needs, especially in the Energy, Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Aerospace, and Automation Industries. We are authorized for over 351 original component manufacturers. With Area51 Electronics, you can be assured that you have genuine parts procured directly through authorized sources.

We can help you accomplish your allocated, current, and obsolete electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components, hardware, and assemblies requirements. Our independent lines consist of two channels: our inventory and our network of suppliers, which include OEMs, CMs, and other distributors from different parts of the world and different ends of the supply chain. We can provide on-demand procurement services that will ensure your supply chain runs efficiently.

We care about every component we distribute.

We know that the electronic components we supply today will one day be integrated into your innovative designs. They may steer a commercial airliner that you will ride. Or navigate a self-driving car that delivers your packages. These components will help power your factory automation or your LCD screens. They may help control your building air-conditioning or be the eyes and ears of your home security system.

We believe that every part we supply makes an impact on people's lives.


Quick Facts About Us

  • Landed in 1999

  • Aliens: 54

  • Mothership: 14,291 sq ft

  • 2018 Revenue: $28.4M

  • Cage Code: 1XEW9