Authorized x Independent

The Collaborative Advantage 

Imagine buying components before today. Contacting authorized and independent distributors individually for information, solutions and to place orders. Today, together, through our collaborative approach you can accomplish more than you can achieve individually.

Through our collaborative approach, we distribute electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies from our authorized lines and independent network, and design value added and supply chain solutions to help you accomplish.

Our collaborative distribution approach, authorized x independent, provides you the competitive advantage to help you accomplish your quality and supplier diversity objectives and optimally reduce your supply base to leverage your spend.

Whether it is between you and I, authorized and independent distribution, or our suppliers, we know our collaborative approach will lead to better results. Collaboration is not new and not new to us. We've been doing this since we've started. Through collaboration, we can accomplish your goals.

Authorized Lines

We are authorized for over 151 original component manufacturers. Our authorized lines consist of three channels. Our channels:

  1. Authorized with a distribution agreement directly with the original component manufacturer (OCM).
  2. Authorized through a contractual membership with the Genie Group; a Master Distributor. 
  3. Direct from the OCM (Factory Direct).   

With our authorized lines and based on your requirements (i.e. provision of supply chain traceability), we can provide you documented evidence of a part's supply chain history; also known as chain of custody. This document will identify all supply chain intermediaries involved, starting from the OCM. Knowing the supply chain traceability of a part is a strategy that will help you avoid counterfeit parts in your supply chain.

To support our authorized lines and improve the supply chain, we became a member of ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association); an organization consisting of original component manufacturers, their manufacturer representatives and authorized distributors.

Independent Network

We can help you accomplish your allocated, current and obsolete electronic, electrical and electromechanical components and assemblies requirements. Our independent lines consist of two channels. Our channels:

  1. Our own inventory. 
  2. Our collaborative network of suppliers; which includes original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and other distributors from different parts of the world and different ends of the supply chain.