What is Area 51?

Behind the Area 51 story

The infamous legend of the real Area 51 took flight in 1954, when President Eisenhower assigned the United States Air Force the task of tracking down a remote and highly concealed location for aircraft training and testing. They found it in the middle of nowhere, deep in the rugged deserts of Nevada. This area, named as a reference based on its geographical location, was given the moniker “Area 51”.




Aircraft testing at the Area 51 base began in the summer of 1955. Almost immediately after taking off, reports began to file in claiming sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO).  These regularly held secretive and mysterious operations made Area 51 a favorite topic for conspiracy theorists and extraterrestrial fanatics alike. Unable to reveal the real details of the bases operations due to security reasons, the Air Force base resorted to calling these unexplained sightings “natural phenomena” and “high altitude weather research” when speaking to the public. 
Although the Air Force base claims that its sole purpose is for flight testing and development of experimental/strategic aircraft and weapons systems from the Cold War, World War 2, and beyond, only those with the extremely rare clearance to enter will know the truth. 
Are the reports of unusual, regularly occurring phenomena actually the development of time travel and teleportation technology? Were sightings of UFOs a glimpse into the usage and examination of alien technology or the development of flying disc simulators? Are government officials the only living creatures existing on the base?
These endless mysteries have captured the attention and curiosity of the world, fascinating Area51 Electronics so much that we decided to adopt the designation and the mission to provide electronic components for the aerospace and military industries.


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What is Area51 Electronics?

A global distributor of electronic components

While we don't actually have UFOs or any extraterrestrial products, we do have a team of "aliens" (our employees) who are here to provide electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components, hardware and assemblies for the latest technology.

We are a global distributor of components and we specialize in authorized manufacturer lines while carrying the advantage of being an independent distributor of hard-to-find obsolete (end-of-life) verified components.
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