David Tuckman

David Tuckman

Sales Manager



Do aliens really exist?

Yes, and many look just like us!

Do you believe human beings are the most intelligent species in the universe?

No. See Darwin Awards.

What's your hidden talent?

Can play guitar solo to "Freebird" - not on Guitar Hero, but for real...

What's your favorite thing to do?

Watching sporting events - favorites are hockey and football.

What's your favorite food?

Italian. Chicken Cutlet Parmesan sandwich from the East Coast is the best!

If you can travel anywhere, where will you go?

European Continent. I find the history of the old world extremely interesting. 

Any interesting facts?

Twenty five years in the industry.

Studied business at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

My kids always come first.

Have broken a goalie's mask with a slap shot.