High-Performance Energy OEMs and Precision Components

The energy industry is dynamic and relies on high-performance components that will withstand the test of time. Area51 Electronics is your authorized source for industrial-grade products to serve the critical and environmental needs of your innovations. Whether you need the latest semiconductor, passive, interconnect and embedded systems - we’ve got you.

We understand that devices need to endure rugged climate conditions, extreme shock and vibration and be available for a long time. As your supply partner, we will be with you through every stage of the product lifestyle to find the right applications, level of efficiencies and provide the parts you need to elevate your innovations within the energy market.

Our energy and technical experts collaborate with you to find the right investments and industrial parts you need for your project. We work with you on anything ranging from renewable energy, smart grids, and HEV charging stations needed to support the ever-growing market of alternative energy vehicles. We support and develop tailored supply chains solutions to keep production moving and costs down.

  • HEV charging stations
  • Indication LEDs
  • Engines/Modules
  • Circuit Protection