AND Optolectronics

AND Optolectronics

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  • Green LED Lamps
  • Dual Color LED Lamps
  • LED Lamps with Special Shaped Packages
  • Red 7 & 16 Segment LED Displays
  • Green 7 & 16 Segment LED Displays

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For over 30 years, AND Optoelectronics, a division of Purdy Electronics Corp., has supplied a broad assortment of high performance light emitting diode (LED) lamps and LED segment displays. The manufacturer also specializes in surface mount LED lamps. Its LED product line is composed of lamps made with AlInGaP die with luminous intensity up to 12,000 mcd. This is a high performance semiconductor material that offers higher luminous intensity, even with wide view angle lamps (vs lamps made from other materials).