Travis Lien

Travis Lien

Director of Logistics



Do aliens really exist?

Yes, people saying that there had been sightings of alien ships.

Do you believe human beings are the most intelligent species in the universe?

No, there are other species that are way more intelligent then human such as aliens.

What's your hidden talent?

Quick learner and can do a lot of other things.

What's your favorite thing to do?

Playing online video games.

What's your favorite food?

Chinese and Japanese noodles soup.

If you can travel anywhere, where will you go?

Paris, it been my dream since I was a little kid.

Any interesting facts?

Since I have had been in logistics for 14 years, I've had learned so much and still I am finding new things everyday to learn about.

As for hobbies, I really enjoy going to see new movies and dinning out.

Family is very important to me especially my Mom & Dad. I always look up to them for advice. 

My favorite pet is Napho because she thinks that I am her boyfriend.